Build a Dreamy Outdoor Living Area

Schedule stone or concrete paver installation services in Charleston, WV

When it comes to installing pavers, Trinity Design & Construction can do it all. We can help you choose the perfect brick, natural stone or concrete pavers and use them to build unique hardscaping features. By the time our crew is done, you'll have a breathtaking outdoor living area.

We can build everything from patios to walkways and retaining walls. Call 304-685-5246 today to arrange for natural stone patio or concrete sidewalk installation services.

Check out the benefits of pavers

Trinity Design & Construction installs natural stone and concrete pavers in the Charleston, WV area. Pavers are a popular hardscaping material because they're:

  • Versatile - pavers come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, textures and colors
  • Weather-resistant - pavers won't get worn down by the elements over time
  • Flexible - pavers maintain their shape when the underlying earth shifts
  • Cost-effective - pavers are affordable and easy to install and replace

Enhance the appearance of your yard. Contact us right away to get brick retaining wall or concrete sidewalk installation services.